As a general rule, contracts are an agreement between two parties. These parties are obliged by means of it to regulate their actions before a certain purpose. In relation to these obligations, the contract can be bilateral (when this obligation is reciprocal) or unilateral (when the obligation falls on one of the parties).

Therefore, when drafting these legal documents, it is essential that they be written by professionals with knowledge of the subject. We must not forget that in the contract all our rights and obligations are reflected in a specific aspect, and therefore, we have to make sure we receive our share and only give what we owe. That is why it is important that its wording be carried out under the supervision of a professional with legal knowledge.

Since the contract is par excellence the document that will govern practically all our legal commitments (whether they are for sale, labor, etc.) it is almost inevitable that we have to negotiate them and learn to fight for our interests. We must bear in mind that once we sign our signature on this document, we will automatically have the duty to comply with it. For this reason, having a professional lawyer in the negotiation of contracts will make us have the advice of an expert, who can review the content and all its clauses, advising and mediating on behalf of our interests.

For both individuals and companies, it is important to have the correct advice in drafting legal documents (such as labor contracts, housing rental agreements, ...) or advice for the negotiation of contracts by third parties. In Cañizares Abogados we offer our clients our firm to help them in everything necessary, since in a contract we must make sure that the interests are safe.

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