The figures on delinquency in our country are constantly increasing. Faced with this difficult situation in which we find ourselves, defaults by our clients can be very significant when it comes to clarifying the future of our company. Since the beginning of the crisis, the so-called "delinquent" have been one of the main causes of business closure.

Since 2013, the Law on Combating Late Payments , establishes maximum periods to pay for commercial operations (30 days for public administrations and 60 days for private companies). With regard to the public administration , the shortening of these deadlines prevents them from being financed at the expense of the self-employed and SMEs. This law does not rule out the possibility of charging interest and indemnities.

There are many actions that we can put into practice so that the collection is carried out successfully and as early as possible. Therefore, and to know all the assets you have at your disposal, advice from a lawyer specialized in defaults and delinquency is essential. Below we will show you some tips that you have at your disposal:

- In the first place, it is always good to know the situation and background of the client. If you have the help of a professional, you can analyze the situation of the debtor and see if you are registered in the register of defaulters or if you have pending payments with the Public Administration or Justice .
< br /> - Charge a part of the work in advance is a very good option. Many professionals opt for this form of payment at the time of performing their commercial work, which means that they have secured the payment of part of the budget. Also for the client, because the invoice is fractioned, it will be easier to fulfill their obligations.

- Important: Do not delay the issuance of invoices. In addition, you must be constant in the control of payment terms . If the client takes a long time to settle their debt, we must insist. Sometimes the self-employed who charge the most are the most insistent.

When the amount owed is more than considerable and the time of delay has lengthened too much, it is time to take more drastic measures to get effective collection. The best option is to put yourself in the hands of professionals and opt for other ways such as the judicial one to carry it out.

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