Lodging appeals

The appeal is the means by which a modification or invalidity can be obtained before a criminal resolution, seeking a new outcome that modifies the previous one. Before registering a trademark or patent, one must know the specific conditions that support or not the possibility of doing so. In the same way, after its registration there is a specific time of the duration after which any person or company may freely exploit said patent or trademark.

Regarding the presentation of patent and trademark appeals before a judgment issued by a judge, there are two cases:

Assumption 1: We are the beneficiaries of the rights of a patent or trademark and a third person or an association benefited from the use of the media and our consent. After the complaint the judge has deliberated in favor of the person or association that has benefited from our patent or trademark, and therefore, we want to appeal to it sentence.

Assumption 2: We have used a patent or trademark on our behalf believing that legally in full right to do so. After the complaint filed by the alleged owner, a judge has determined our guilt, and therefore, we think about resorting to the sentence.

In these cases, when presenting a resource about the brand or the user, you must have advice from professional lawyers. They will be able to study each case and help it to re-occur if it fails to carefully study the conditions of the patent before proceeding with the signature.