Patents and trademarks

Patents and Trademarks: In our office we have lawyers who are specialists in everything related to these two current issues.

The patent is the set of exclusive rights granted by a State to the person responsible for its invention. This invention or technology becomes capable of being exploited commercially during a certain period of time.

The brand, on the other hand, is a form of registration of any symbol used to identify the company's products or services. The mark to register is not always a symbol, sometimes it may be due to a word, phrase, image or design.

In both cases, only the natural or legal person who has registered or who is authorized may benefit from the use and exploitation of the trademark or patent in question. At Cañizares Abogados we are specialists in all aspects related to patents , trademarks and protection of intellectual property . Whether they have used a patent that belonged to them without their prior consent and the judge has deliberated against them, as if they have benefited from an alien patent thinking that they had the right to do so, we advise them when submitting appeals to judicial decisions .

Our lawyers are also experts in advising on rights transfer contracts, since you can assign your rights to a third party in exchange for a certain economic amount (determined in the contract), or simply grant that third party the right to exploit the patent or brand. In these cases, our professionals act as mediators and act as a guide throughout the process.